Happy 35th Birthday John Krasinski  [October 20, 1979]

thescrantonstranglerr asked: You're fucking perfect I love you

COME OVER HERE SO I CAN KISS YOU i absolutely love you more

liliofthevalley asked: your eyebrows!!

my eyebrows and i are crying tears of joy. i love you so much man wow

liliofthevalley asked: came for the Jim face, stayed for the eyebrows

jim’s eyebrows????

Anonymous asked: came for the jim looking at the camera, stayed for the jim looking at the camera

it may be over a year already since the last episode of the office aired, but jim will always be looking at the camera in our hearts

Anonymous asked: Gosh you're face is shaped in a way that's aesthetically pleasing

it’s very round and weird and i’ve been all about that freshman 15 so now my double chin is very apparent. 

but this comment is wonderful and makes me feel like i have an aesthetically pleasing shaped face :)

Describe my blog in terms of “came for the _____, stayed for the _____”

(Source: askboxmemes)

Me and Jim be on dat same level tho

My hair is like ??????